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Sri Viswanath, Chief Technology Officer


Sri Viswanath

Chief Technology Officer

Sri Viswanath is the chief technology officer (CTO) at Atlassian.

Before joining Atlassian, Sri served as CTO and senior vice president of engineering at Groupon, Inc. Prior to Groupon, he was the vice president of research and development for mobile computing at VMware, a provider of cloud and virtualization software and services. Sri also served as senior vice president of engineering at Ning, Inc. and managed the application development, platform engineering, and operations teams responsible for innovating and scaling the Ning Platform. He was instrumental in Ning's acquisition by Glam. Prior to Ning, Sri led development of a number of very successful open-source and business-to-business products at Sun Microsystems.

Sri serves on the board of directors of SendGrid and holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Clemson University and a management degree from Stanford University.